Nutrition Series Part 1

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Coach Kenz

Coach Kenz's Story:

I've always been an athlete in one form or another. Growing up and throughout high school it was soccer and track and field. When I graduated and moved to Hawaii, I found CrossFit and very quickly fell in love with the "sport" of fitness. For the first few years of my involvement in CrossFit and then even into my early days of coaching, I never paid a whole lot of attention to my nutrition. I always thought that my nutrition and physique were "good enough" for what it was. In spring of 2021 I came to the conclusion that I was getting too passive in my pursuit of a healthy, well rounded diet. Mentally, I found myself in a pretty challenging season and I think that my diet was beginning to mirror that mindset. I was eating out a lot and continuously making excuses for myself as to why I would never be "fully invested" in seeing what my body was capable of within the sport.


In April of 2021, I simultaneously realized that I needed a change in both my mental state and in my nutrition. I figured that if I changed one, the other would change by default as well. So, I hired a one on one nutrition coach to work with me for 3 months. Important note here: even coaches need coaching! This was the best financial investment I have ever made, hands down. I learned so much about food and macros and what I was actually eating and putting into my body on a daily basis. Along with the invaluable knowledge gained, I was also held accountable every day for those 3 months which was another priceless experience. During those 3 months, I committed and gave 100% to the process and in return experienced an amazing transformation; not only physically in the gym and on the scale but mentally as well with my confidence and mindset.

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