Victory Report 9/23



We're here to celebrate the physical, mental, barbell, scale, and everything in between victories here at Metcon Long Beach! Week after week our members are putting in the work to meet their goals and are seeing real time results and success.
Here are a few from this week that we want to highlight!


"Since I've started working out years ago I've ALWAYS wanted to be able to do a pull up but have never been able to. The past few months I've continually stuck to the progressions and three weeks ago I got my first one and this week during tests week I did back to back pullups! Stoked is an understatement. At 30 years old I've accomplished something that I've never been able to do."

Babak is down 2.5% in body fat in just 1 month of working with our nutrition coach!

"I was looking to get in the best shape possible.
The last time I cut with no coach I lost 20lbs but I gained back 30lbs right after.
The gym keeps me accountable
I have more energy,
My Clothes are subtlety fitting better and I see the small changes."


Megan has PR'd her bench press and deadlift this week!

"It's been awesome seeing my growth at Metcon; specifically this last programming cycle. I set my goal a few months back to attend 4 classes weekly, and I've stuck with it almost every week which has made a huge impact on my progress. I'm grateful for all the people at Metcon who continuously inspire me to achieve more!"

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