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Edmond Ercout

Head Coach


About Coach

Edmond started his career in fitness when he was living in New York while attending college full time. He quickly realized that his true passion was helping others become fitter and encouraging them throughout their own journey. Because of this he took a leave of absence from school to pursue coaching full time. Edmond started coaching at Metcon Long Beach in 2016 and was promoted to Head Coach. Fitness has always been a part of Edmonds life: competing in swimming, hockey, cross country & track, as well as teaching himself how to weight lift in his mothers garage. While in the Army, he saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN and thought it looked fun so he told himself he would try it out. He fell in love with the sport and had a lot of fun with it. Growing up, Edmond was taught to be well rounded and expected to excel at everything he did and CrossFit was the embodiment of that ideology fitness wise.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

When I first came to Metcon, I was impressed by how friendly all the members were. That friendliness and welcoming environment is something all the staff at Metcon work hard to maintain. At Metcon, you're going to meet so many people from all walks of life, all with unique and inspiring stories. As a coach here, it's truly been an honor to help improve our member's quality of life and as the head coach, my priority is to continue that to the best of my ability.

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