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Hayden Almeida




- Doctor of Physical Therapy

- Masters in Health and Human Performance

- Cert-Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete (CMFA)

- ACSM- Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

I was born in South Carolina before finding my way to Florida for graduate school and then California to start my career in physical therapy. I was a softball player growing up all the way through college. Once I finished my softball career, I was looking for something active, competitive, and fun. That is where I found CrossFit in 2016. I was instantly hooked. So much so that I wanted to find a way to merge Crossfit and physical therapy. I decided to start my own physical therapy business, Zenith Performance Physical Therapy, focusing on the active adult with a niche in Crossfit athletes. Movement is medicine and I love the idea of keeping as many people as possible moving for as long as possible. I am super excited to start coaching CrossFit after all of these years participating in it so that I can continue to learn, grow, and motivate people through a sport that I have grown to love and believe in. I love seeing people do movements or hit weights that they never thought possible and continue to stay active, healthy, and resilient for life!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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