Metcon LB Covid Rules & Actions (UPDATE 3/15/21)

Latest Covid Gym Protocols (Updated 3/14/21)

UPDATE 3/14/2021

Watch this Video for the latest updates as we move from the PURPLE to the RED TIER!



We are proud to say that our gym has followed the mandates since the pandemic started.

As things seem to be ramping back up with Covid, we wanted to review our rules and actions with everyone, so that you know what to expect.

Anything in Italics is the newest change.

There understand and respect that are many different view points of this pandemic and the subsequent restrictions. When it comes to the actions of this business, we will follow the mandates asked. We have a responsibility to enforce these rules sand keep our members safe. It’s plain and simple.


Rule #1. If you’re sick…Dont be a d*ck!

Don’t come to class if you are not feeling 100%, have symptoms, or have been in direct contact with someone with a confirmed case of Covid. This should be no brainer.

If you are supposed to be in isolation or quarantine, please do not come to the gym. We will be happy to drop off equipment to you if you have to isolate or quarantine and Zoom any class.


Rule #2. If you get sick and get a positive Covid test, PLEASE TELL US!

We ask that you inform us ASAP (via text or phone at 562-666-2423). We will cover more about this in the next section. We will be happy to drop off equipment to you if you have to isolate or quarantine and Zoom any class.


Rule #3. You have to reserve your class

With limited spacing, all members must reserve their class with our online system, called “Wodify”. This will also help us keep track, should there be a member that contracts Covid, for us to be able to reach out to those possibly exposed.


Rule #4. You must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES, including while you are working out! (As of 3/15/21)

Every class you attend at Metcon, including Hybrid, you will be asked to wear your mask throughout the entire workout.

We understand how challenging this will make things, but we have an obligation to you all to keep you all safe, and to abide by the rules handed down, to ensure that our doors stay open and we all have a place to workout.


Rule #5. Complete the “Athlete Covid Pre-Screening” when you arrive to class

This form will need to be completed each time you come to the gym, whether for a class, or Hybrid. 

The form will ask for you name, ask you to answer “yes/no” if you have any symptoms or are supposed to be in isolation or quarantine, and confirm that you agree to follow all the mandates.


Rule #6. Wash or Sanitize your hands when you arrive and before you leave.

When you walk inside, please sanitize (dispensers near the front door or outside) or wash your hands before grabbing equipment.

We’re trying to limit the germs you’re bringing in and germs you’re taking out.


Rule #7. Almost 10ft of space between every Athlete!

The mandates ask for outdoor gyms to be at 50% capacity…but only if they can’t maintain at least 6ft of distance. 

We’re proud to say that we’re exceeding this requirement!


Jess and I measured and secured the mats yesterday, ensuring that every member will have at LEAST 9ft 10inches of space between each other (measured from the center of each “platform”).

Most spaces have 10ft+ of spacing, and we still have 14 spots available for classes!


Rule #8. Clean your equipment before/after you use it.

Though equipment is cleaned after each class, you should give things another wipe-off before you use it. We do clean the equipment at the end of class, then have to carry it inside…so again, we acknowledge that it’s not a perfect system.


Rule #9. Be Flexible

Please be flexible and be understanding. We have always doing our best to make things easy and clear to run smoothly, but sometimes we hit some snafu’s and hiccups along the way. We don’t always have the answers, but know that we will work extremely hard to get one.

The mandates change, and they often change without notification. So please be understanding.

What happens if…..

Ok, in this section that we’re calling “What happens if…”, we want to go over the actions we will take under each scenarios.

What happens if…..“I get Covid?”

  1. Please reach out to us ASAP! This will allow us to notify anyone that may have been exposed in class. We will ask your permission to use your name to at least let ONLY THE POTENTIALLY EXPOSED MEMBERS & COACHES that have participated in a class with you within that past week, as well as the class before and after, to assess their risk and need for a Covid test.We would prefer to let the entire membership know who it is in case we miss anyone.
  2. We will ask you how long you’ve been experiencing symptoms, when you got tested, who was closest to you in class.

  3. Your membership will automatically be put on hold for a month.

  4. We ask that you keep us in the loop of your symptoms, condition, and needs, and to only return after you’re symptom free with a negative Covid test.

What happens if…..“Someone tells Mecon LB that they tested positive for Covid?”

  1. We will immediately notify our Coaches and halt classes until we can mist all of the equipment with the CDC Approved Virucide disinfectant spray. This will include the outdoor mats and restrooms.

  2. We will find out how long that Covid positive person has been experiencing symptoms, when they got tested, and who they remember being around in class.
  3. We will go back and check the Athlete’s attendance to notify all individuals potentially at risk. We will attempt to call first, and follow up with a text to call us because you may have been exposed.

  4. Don’t Panic! Covid is most dangerous to those in at-risk demographics (Old and/or with pre-existing health problems), but still has an EXTREMELY HIGH survival rate, with most people experiencing only mild flu-like symptoms. But this does not downplay the potentially negative outcomes, to include death. Covid can be deadly.

  5. We will do our best to provide you all the information we can to help you make an assessment of your own risk. We will always be conservative in our recommendations and will suggest that you get a Covid test to be safe.

There’s difference between “Contact” and “Exposure”.
I see these terms used synonymously, but they mean 2 different things.

“Contact” means that you were near someone who is possible or confirmed positive Covid, but you had your mask on, and/or they had their mask on, and you each maintained distance from each other and/or were in an open, well ventilated area.

This is considered a low-risk contact. (Not a “No-Risk” contact)

Removing some of those factors makes it higher risk, up to a possible “Exposure”.

“Exposure” means that you were near someone who is CONFIRMED positive Covid, and maybe one or neither of you had masks on, or were not social distancing or were in an enclosed area together for some time (they say 15min but who really knows). Basically, you were unprotected and close to someone who has confirmed Covid.

We ask those what are “Exposed” to quarantine, and should definitely get a Covid test. We will place your membership on hold for 1 month until you are symptom-free and have a negative Covid test. We will initiate our cleaning procedures, and notify the appropriate members.

What happens if….. “A Coach gets Covid?”

We will follow the same procedures as we discussed above.

A Coach getting Covid may affect our ability to host classes and we will notify all members ASAP. To help us expedite this, please be sure to enable SMS communication in Wodify (can only be done on a web browser, not the App)!

(Link on how to turn on SMS Notifications)

What happens if… “Multiple people from the gym get Covid?”

As required by the mandates, we will notify the Long Beach Department of Public Health should we have 3 or more members get confirmed cases of Covid within a 14-day period.

The Health Dept will determine if it is a cluster, or an outbreak. They will also try and determine if the exposed is happening at the gym or if these members may have been exposed elsewhere.

In either case, this would require that we shut down all operations and a more extensive cleaning operation will be required, at the direction of the Health Department.

What happens if…. “I have to quarantine? Can I still borrow equipment?”

Yes! We will happily make a delivery of equipment to your doorstep for you to use if you have to quarantine. We will also make Zoom available for whatever class you wish to attend, you would just need to let us know what class time that would be so the Coach can get the gym phone set up.


What happens if…. “We have to cancel classes?”

With Covid, there is always a chance that we may have to cancel classes if there’s an exposure. We will make EVERY EFFORT to not disrupt the schedule. We would even try and set up a Zoom class, though the workout would likely become bodyweight only.

What happens if…. “Another “Safer-at-Home” Order gets put in place?”

If we get shut down again, we will again loan out equipment for that duration, and take all classes online with Zoom.