Starting April 6th, we will be starting a new game called “Quarantingo”!

This is a weekly bingo-style game where you will attempt to make as many “BINGOS” throughout the week as possible on a single card.

At the end of the week, you will submit a picture of your completed card to

BLACK OUT the ENTIRE CARD, and get 15 entries for the week & month!


Each BINGO will earn you an entry into a weekly drawing for a prize, and ALSO a monthly drawing for a FREE MONTH at CFBH!!!

The winner in April will have their payment in May waived (up to $150) or you can forgo the prize and choose to have that prize given to a CFBHer in financial need.

Weekly prizes will be things like CFBH apparel or other items.


We will make 3 different cards per week with the same challenges on them, in 3 random orders.

The Athlete will be sent an image of their card for the week. They cannot swap, alter, or change the card they have received.

Cards must be emailed to by Monday 11:59pm. The raffle to take place on Tuesdays, time TBA.

All prizes are non-transferrable or exchangeable.


All you have to do is send an email to and we’ll send you a card!

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